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Welcome to SoulStrolling™! We have created this site for those who want to take their personal journeys to a new level—whether at home or faraway. This is not about being frantic tourists. Therefore, we are not tour guides. We are, instead, pilgrims seeking a meaningful way of being and living. We are about creating and sharing soul-full experiences, and moving forward with intention each day whether at home or in a new city or foreign country.

Pause. Take a look around. Allow your soul to take a stroll. We are delighted you’ve chosen to join us in this space. You can find the Principles of SoulStrolling here. 

SoulStrolling™ is a trademark of Sharon Richards and Kayce Stevens Hughlett. 

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Love Poem for Paris

You welcome me over and over again as I return to hold your hand and lose myself upon your cobblestone streets.

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Soul Strolling à Paris - 2015 - Registration Open through 2/12/15

What if you chose to live your life from a conscious and wide-awake space? If you listened to your deepest dreams and followed the quiet whispers of your soul? What if you had two skilled guides to take care of all the pesky details and help you set and follow your intentions each day? What if for one week you put yourself first? What if you gave yourself permission to live, love, laugh, walk, stroll, pause, dance, and inhale beauty as only you can do? What if… you did it in Paris?

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The Big ? What to Pack!

Here I stand with suitcase in hand, wondering what on earth to pack. What do I really need, can’t travel without? What’s the climate going to be like, what’s appropriate for the culture, and why do I seem to have way too much stuff for the length of time I’m going to be away?

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Blog Talk Radio: Take Your Soul for a Stroll with Lisa Lamont

Whether at home or abroad, it’s time to take your soul for a stroll. Together, Sharon Richards and Kayce Hughlett curate experiences that you’ll carry with you for years to come. They combine humor, love, tenacity, and a touch of magic to create a unique life experience. Join us as we talk about SoulStrolling, experiencing Parisian culture, exploring places you wouldn’t normally discover, and delving into your own interior terrain. Click on the photo to listen! 

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Instructions for SoulStrolling™

Soul strolling can be practiced wherever you find yourself: at home, work, in your neighborhood, an unfamiliar place. If you'd like to practice soul strolling in Paris, then consider joining us this May 2 - 9, 2015. One space remains.

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