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Take your soul for a stroll today!

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Welcome to SoulStrolling™! We have created this site for those who want to take their personal journeys to a new level—whether at home or faraway. This is not about being frantic tourists. Therefore, we are not tour guides. We are, instead, pilgrims seeking a meaningful way of being and living. We are about creating and sharing soul-full experiences, and moving forward with intention each day whether at home or in a new city or foreign country.

Pause. Take a look around. Allow your soul to take a stroll. We are delighted you’ve chosen to join us in this space. You can find the Principles of SoulStrolling here. 

SoulStrolling™ is a trademark of Sharon Richards and Kayce Stevens Hughlett. 

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No Need to Prove Anything. Just Be Ready.

In my Paris, you don’t have to prove anything. Just come as you are. Walk. Listen. Pray. Weep. Dance. Eat. Laugh. Love… And be prepared for what God and the great mystery send.

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SoulStrolling™ Sunday à Paris

You don't have to be in Paris to engage in soul strolling. Imagine how you might proceed today without plans. What if you slowed down and listened to the patois of life around you? What if you let the music invade your soul and danced to its rhythm? What if you became like a child and opened the day to play? Ponder this.

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Soul Biking in Paris

Yesterday I was able to take my soul for a biking day in Paris. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time and after a very helpful chat with a customer service rep at Velib, I was able to follow my desire and enjoy the adventure. From quiet, wind blowing through my hair, taking in lovely scenery, to narrow passages between buses and curbs and a close encounter with a motorcycle accident – biking in Paris is not for the faint of heart.

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The Universe Knows - Be Like Water. Going with the flow in Paris

'The Universe knows, be like water’. It’s a good mantra for pilgrimage. I’ve had a soul filling day in Paris and can hardly wait to see what happens with my ‘intentions’ for tomorrow.

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Foreign Strangeness? Bring it on!!

Traveling as a pilgrim means allowing yourself to be impacted and changed by the culture around you. It includes stepping into the strangeness of being in a foreign land and allowing yourself to be comfortable (or at least not totally blind-sided) when discomfort shows up.

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