Book Club Discussion Questions ~ SPOILER ALERT! 

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Click image for printable PDF of BLUE Discussion QuestionsBlue: a novel

1. When you reflect on the beginning of the book, which foreshadowing speaks to you most strongly?

2. At what point in the novel is your curiosity peaked about how the three main heroines may be connected?

3. What are your favorite scenes with Monica and Jack? Monica and Jeremy? Izabel and Buck? Daisy and Sir Albert? Daisy and Chauncey? Others?

4. Which scenes pull you forward in the novel? At what point was it difficult to set it down?

5. Which scenes were not as interesting to you?

Three Heroines: Daisy. Monica. Izabel.

  1. Of the three main heroines, which one resonates most personally with you? Why?

  2. Which of the three main heroines irritates you the most? Why?

  3. The author makes the statement via her heroines that we are each our “own worst enemies”? How do you feel about that statement? In what ways do you experience this in your own life?

  4. The author quotes fellow author Sue Monk Kidd:

    “The truth is, in order to heal we need to tell our stories and have them witnessed.”

    How does this unfold in each of the heroine’s stories?


  1. When you close your eyes, which characters are most prominent in Daisy’s blue world?

  2. At what point in the novel do you begin to question where Daisy may actually be?

  3. How you do feel about The Master? Is his character similar to anyone in your life experience?

  4. When you discover at the end of the novel that Daisy has been in a coma for 2 years, what are your thoughts around what may have been happening in her hospital room?

    • Which people do you think might have been visiting/working when she experienced

      various sensations?

    • What may have been happening when she felt the monkeys attack her?

Who might Sir Albert be? Who could Chauncey represent? How about The Master? Are they possibly nurses, hospital staff, doctors, medical specialists or family members?


  1. “Monica believed that if you just did the right thing, everything would be fine.” Is this a belief that you agree with or are aware of in your life? How do you feel about that observation?

  2. Monica often hears her mother’s voice inside her head. Do you have a particular parent/sibling/family member/teacher whose voice you hear in your head? Describe.

  3. At one point Monica says to herself, “I lost myself a long time ago, didn’t I?” Have or do you ever feel that way?

  4. What surprises you most about Monica’s character?

  5. Have you ever experienced visiting a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia? How do Monica’s scenes at Stratford Estates stand out to you?


  1. What are Izabel’s most memorable traits?

  2. If you own/owned a bike what would you name it?

  3. What sensations and/or thoughts came up for you during the Soul Dance scene? Have you participated in anything like that? If not, would you like to?

  4. Who in your life has supported you like Miriam supports Izabel?

  5. How do you feel when Izabel begins remembering suppressed memories? Are there memories you ‘wake up to’ from childhood?

In Conclusion

1. What would you most like to ask the author?
2. What do you think of now when you hear the word BLUE?


Thank you for reading!

© | Kayce Stevens Hughlett | 2015