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Welcome to SoulStrolling™! We have created this site for those who want to take their personal journeys to a new level—whether at home or faraway. This is not about being frantic tourists. Therefore, we are not tour guides. We are, instead, pilgrims seeking a meaningful way of being and living. We are about creating and sharing soul-full experiences, and moving forward with intention each day whether at home or in a new city or foreign country.

Pause. Take a look around. Allow your soul to take a stroll. We are delighted you’ve chosen to join us in this space. You can find the Principles of SoulStrolling here. 

SoulStrolling™ is a trademark of Sharon Richards and Kayce Stevens Hughlett. 

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Foreign Strangeness? Bring it on!!

Traveling as a pilgrim means allowing yourself to be impacted and changed by the culture around you. It includes stepping into the strangeness of being in a foreign land and allowing yourself to be comfortable (or at least not totally blind-sided) when discomfort shows up.

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Destination: Oklahoma City, Seattle, Ireland

Truly Something-Greater-than-I is in this place. Surely I have awakened from a night – from a lifetime – of wrestling. I am so awake I can hardly believe it. The path of life beckons each day and I am excited. I am preparing to go on a pilgrimage to Ireland. I stop to realize, it is not about the destination. Life is a pilgrimage – a journey each day.

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