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live it to give it is all about love and connection. Being authentic. Living our lives and sharing it with others. Life is messy and so is this blog. Somedays my organized coach self shows up. Other days it's my vulnerable author. There's a mom that lives inside me alongside a wife, friend, creative muse, ponderer extraordinaire, and multitude of others. I'll introduce you to people who inspire me and offer a peek into my world that very likely intersects with your world. In other words, I will share life in its full, glorious mess with you. I'm honored you're here and I hope you'll come back soon!!  Cheers! Kayce 


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Meeting Kino

"The surreal nature of the situation clutched at my insides, like my own hands gripping the ragged steering wheel. I was in a desolate landscape, racing against the sunset to reach a place I had never been and didn’t really want to go. I was miles away from any life as a mother (or woman) that I could ever have imagined." Excerpted from "SoulStroller: experiencing the weight, whispers, & wings of the world."

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Paris on My Mind… Looking back. Stepping Forward. Pausing Now.

Are you ready to discover what it really means to say, ‘Oh My God’ and how to warm your way into a Parisian heart? If so, then read on, mes amies (my friends)…

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As the Forest Weeps...

Part of my morning ritual these days is spending time in meditation followed by reading from my dear friend and mentor, Christine Valters Paintner’s brilliant book, The Artist’s Rule: nurturing your creative soul with monastic wisdom. This practice is providing a lovely container for both my creative side (as I embark upon NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month) and my deepening spiritual practice (after returning from a 10-day silent meditation retreat.)

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Bumper Sticker Wisdom

Love is my religion. A return to love. Be the change... Phrases appear inside my mind like bumper stickers on a road warrior’s car or tattoos on a fervent artist who craves more and more ink. Has my life turned into a platitude? A bumper sticker? A greeting card?

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Breaking the Chains...

This summer I was invited to serve on a panel designed to assist participants in understanding the dynamics of letting go of a fundamentalist background. My participation was predicated on my personal history of transforming my own rigid religious and familial upbringing into a fluid, joy-filled life. What follows is a metaphor (and more).

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