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Playing with Prompts ~ #scary

by Kayce Stevens Hughlett

Do something scary every day. Take a new class. Read something provocative. Travel a different road. Fly. Yes, FLY ~ in your imagination or across the world. Sprout wings. Rise up. Use your voice. Be heard. Roar like the lion or lioness that lives inside you. Have a conversation with a child or a cheetah. Do it at the zoo or in the wild like my friend Christa who packed up and moved to Africa. I know that was scary ... and true and right and a whole magnitude of wonderful!!!

Stretch yourself. Reach for the moon. Dance in the moonlight or in your kitchen while making lunch. Call a friend you think might have forgotten you. Tell someone you love them. Start a book or a poem or a tender letter. Stay off social media for a day or a week or forever.

What scares you, a little or a lot? Trying new things? Being stuck in old ways?

My biggest fear is that I might live someone else’s life or let mine pass with regrets because I was too scared to do something about it.

Take risks. Be brave. Bravery is the act of doing the scary thing especially when you’re frightened, not because you aren’t. 


During the month of March, Sharon Richards and I (the creators of SoulStrolling) are sharing 31 simple words to help you connect and collaborate with your world. (Click here for details and to download the words. No sign up and it’s FREE!)

Ponder the word for the day. Notice what arises in your mind. Free-write. Set a timer for 3 minutes. Make art. Dance it. Snap a photo. Use it as a walking meditation. Slow down. Take your soul for a stroll. Be present. What captures your eye? The ways to play are infinite!!!

What do you find #scary? What tiny step could you take to move toward embracing that fear? 

Share your findings on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, your blog... Use the hashtag #soulstrolling + the prompt for the day (ex. #scary) I'd love to know if you're playing!

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