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Awakening the Muse: a day of writing and collage

This generative writing / visual art workshop is designed to jumpstart your imagination in a nonjudgmental, respectful environment. All genres and experience levels are welcome. January 12, 2014.

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Springtime in Vienna: A Writing and Photography Retreat

Dreaming about springtime in Vienna? Longing for a European adventure with kindred spirits? You are personally invited to experience the city that inspired Mozart, Klimt, Freud and countless others. Part pilgrimage and part cultural excursion, this whole-life experience draws upon expressive arts—writing, photography, movement—and the cultural backdrop of Vienna (City of Dreams) to nourish an exploration into the inner landscape of your soul.

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As I Lay Pondering: daily invitations to live a transformed life

... oxygenating souls, tickling hearts, and bringing presence to lives around the globe. Order now and begin immersing yourself in these delicious daily pauses.

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Announcing the perfect book to begin your new year...

Through personal story, poetic prose and tales of epic adventure, As I Lay Pondering captures the essence of being fully present to the inimitable experience of daily life. Sometimes in concrete terms and other moments with a dreamlike quality, this book of 365 daily entries invites us into parallel worlds where we come to believe anything is possible.  Through luxurious text and engaging daily activities, the reader will experience a universe where heart speaks truth and presence conquers the hubbub of mere existence. 

AVAILABLE EARLY 2012 - Order your personal copy today and receive a PDF ebook with complete entries for the month of January. 

Author's Note:

To pause and ponder is to consider something—anything—deeply, often through meditation and always with the possibility of bringing greater meaning. Years in the making, As I Lay Pondering began as a venue for my own personal healing.  What was birthed through a series of journal entries has morphed into this daybook of poetry, prose and personal musings.

My love of writing began in the midst of a particularly life-draining period of time.  At that point in my journey, I had two choices.  One—to let the current events swallow me whole and conceal my spark forever, or Two—to find my authentic voice and begin to write.  Writing chose me.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Writing chose me.  It was not a conscious decision on my part. 

What you hold in your hands is a culmination of this journey.  I was compelled to write this book to honor the life-changing moments I have witnessed throughout my life, and to acknowledge the internal spark I believe each of us carries.  My hope is that the words shared in As I Lay Pondering will provide essential kindling to ignite the flame of your life. May you know the joy of following your own spark. May you be present to the life you have in order to experience the one you desire.  May you pause and ponder thoughtfully and often. May you be well.

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SIGN UP - Exploring Archetypal Energies through Expressive Arts

When we are engaged in the care of others’ souls, it is vital that we make time to nourish our own. Each individual holds personal responsibility for this, and as Soul Care Practitioners we can enhance our work with others by engaging in our own inner exploration. Each of us contains within us a multiplicity of energies which are rooted in the archetypes. Archetypes help to illuminate our shadow places, call us to step fully into our deepest passions in service to the world, and ultimately bring us to a place of greater internal freedom. Our ministry becomes a place of joyful service and presence.

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