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Live It to Give It: Essential Practices of Soul Nourishment & Self-Care - Available in Facilitated One-on-One Format or NEW Self-Study!!

Program Dates

Self-Study or One-on-One by mutual agreement with Kayce. (6-week online class)

Registration is OPEN for this signature online class. Please contact facilitator, Kayce Hughlett with any questions you have regarding the class or registration.


How often do you ask yourself the question: What do I need? and truly listen for the answer?
Do you succumb to society's rules of what you "should" be doing rather than trusting your own instincts? 
Would you like to have a companion and accountability partner to help you live life your way? 
live it to give it offers sustainable answers and creative solutions!
Designed for individuals interested in deepening their personal awareness and practices for self-care. 



“How can you take care of them when you cannot even take care of yourself?”
– Robert Fisher, The Knight in Rusty Armor

When we are engaged in the care of others’ souls, it is vital that we make time to nourish our own. Each individual holds personal responsibility for this, and as givers in the world we can enhance our work and relationship with others by engaging in the exploration of our inner self and outer practices. Soul nourishment and self-care are developed through both process and practice. Deep nourishment doesn’t happen by simply reading a self-help book or taking a sabbatical once every five years. Care needs to be infused within us, until it becomes as natural as breathing. Just as breath nourishes and keeps life flowing, self-care allows us to deeply nurture our personal mind, body and spirit. Through this practice, we are better equipped to offer unhindered care and compassion to those we encounter in our work and the world. Self-care is an essential practice and one we must inherently live in order to unconditionally give.

During this six week guided online course, we will explore and live the essential practices of soul nourishment and self-care -- principles that are the cornerstone of caring for others. The course will be presented through a combination of didactical information and experiential activities and practices. It is designed to move through a self-care matrix that will allow you to enhance and nurture your own practice while simultaneously developing skills to share with and benefit those in your care and the larger world.

*Facilitated One-on-One or Self-Study Options

*This educational event provides 30 hours of continuing education that can be applied to the educational hours required by the Board of Chaplaincy Certification Inc.

What is included:

  • 6 weeks of three-times weekly emails which contain training materials and reflections on the topic(s) for the week and suggestions for experiential activities to deepen and enhance your personal practice. Activities may include, but are not limited to, creative exploration, meditation videos and guided recordings.
  • Two 45-minute soul care calls (ONE ON ONE) (via phone or Skype) with Kayce - one before you begin and one near the end of the 6 weeks – to reflect in a personal way on your hopes for the experience and what you learned. The calls will be a combination of spiritual direction and mentoring, tailored to what is important for you. This is a unique opportunity to work with Kayce in a limited-time spiritual direction setting.
  • 6 weeks of soulful email conversation with Kayce (ONE ON ONE) – as part of the class you are asked to write a weekly reflection on what the materials are stirring up for you and send it to Kayce.  She will read and respond, offering more places for exploration and inquiry.
  • Please note that Self-Study receives emails only. Phone calls or email conversations can be added at an additional cost. 


Themes include:

Essentials & Ethical responsibility
o Re-writing the story that self-care is selfish
o Compassion fatigue and soul care stewardship

Body Wisdom
o Claiming passion
o Offering permission

Gratitude & Simplicity
o Sabbath
o Physicality of grace

Bringing Presence to Self & Others
o The essential now
o The world as altar

The Art of Beauty
o Process versus product
o Redefining beauty

New Perspectives
o Archetypes
o Pilgrimage

Program Objectives

Participants who successfully complete this course will:

  • Have an extensively explored and deepened understanding of self-care descriptions and techniques designed to positively impact the role as Soul Care Practitioner, both personally and professionally.
  • Design and practice a personalized plan for ongoing and sustainable soul nourishment.
  • Have an increased capacity to care for others through strengthened personal knowledge, awareness and exposure to self-care implementation strategies.
  • Establish an ongoing support community with peer participants.
  • Be prepared to Live it and Give it!!

Praise for "Live it to Give it"

“Live it to Give it” was a turning point for me in understanding the positive impact my self-care has on those around me. It’s not so easy to embrace a “self centered” life when your upbringing has instilled a care-giver lifestyle.

Kayce helped all of us on the weekly calls, to surrender to the inner voice that calls for rest from the non-stop ministry and freedom to choose a peace that passes all understanding…at the very moments they are needed the most! Only then, I learned, can we bring true healing to others after our own war wounds have been tended to.

Kayce encouraged honest conversations among all who attended and created a format of learning what it means to self–care in a way that acknowledged our call as healer, minister, priestess, counselor, while at the same time, knowing how and when to stop and be still. Not an easy task when the voice that has lead us for a lifetime keeps repeating… Give, Give,Give,Give.

For anyone in the healing ministry, this class will teach you the pure beauty of administering the kind of self –care needed to free us to bring our gifts of healing to the world, while at the same time maintaining our strength, happiness and joy. - Colleen Hannegan (business owner, parent, mate)

If someone wants to slow down and look within, listening to the still small voice, and learn so many big and little ways of taking deep real care, and have community to support and encourage and witness, sign up as soon as possible! —JoAnn Heiser

This was a life-giving experience … Both instructor and class were excellent —Cindy Serio

I loved this class – I was so ready for it! The biggest impact for me was up until this class I couldn't even think about the concept of self-care and that it was okay. I came in willing and tried new things which I now love. I look forward to exploring this more so I can live it and give it. Kayce was a great facilitator, I appreciated her personal experiences, listening skills, open love and support. —DC

I feel the class was well worth my time and effort. Kayce not only knew the material; she has lived it.  —Jean Keith-Altemus

Kayce did a wonderful job getting to know each person from a distance. That distance overtime became an intimate sharing group. She encouraged each of us very gently and was able to hit the true spot needing to be hit. Her honesty and authenticity is very appreciated…a model! —Laurel Simon

I leave these weeks centered, full of gratitude and wonder . . .thank you! It was a beautiful experience to be able to share our journey together! —BW

Your Guide for this Journey

Kayce Stevens Hughlett, MA, LMHC 

Program Fee and Registration

Registration fee. $95 for Self-Study Course

Registration fee. $450 for One on One Class


You may pay by credit card using the link above or by mailing a check to Kayce S. Hughlett, 1416 NW 46th St, Suite 105/329,  Seattle, WA 98107 (please let us know to expect your registration).

Cancellation Policy

Please consider carefully your selection prior to registering as all individual online class registrations are non-refundable similar to a transaction you would make to purchase a digital album or book or a consultation with a professional.