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We are #Alive! 

This month I’m exploring the world alongside priestess, everyday pilgrim, and poet, Vanessa Sage with her invitation to Enchant Your Everyday. Mainly, I’m posting photos at Instagram, but today’s prompt, #Alive, begged for a bit more attention.

I awaken at 5:30 a.m. without an alarm. I’ve dreamed through the night and my body feels less tight than yesterday. Four days of yoga in a row can do that. It’s day five of the 28-Day Challenge. I shuffle to the bathroom, crawl back into bed thinking I might return to sleep. Nope. My mind is roused and I have time to make it to the 6:30 a.m. class. My body says, ‘Yes please. Let’s walk.’ I reach for my iPhone, keeping it tucked under the covers to shield my sleeping hubby from the brilliant glow, and check the temperature. 45 degrees. No rain. Perfect.

The sliver of moon hangs in the dark morning sky. Are you coming or going, sweet Bella Luna? Waxing or waning? Regardless, you are indeed #alive. I can feel your breath in the chill morning air. Namaste. I honor you and vow to pay more attention to your songs and cycles.

Entering the yoga studio, cold meets heat. My glasses fog up. “That’s February,” says the dark-haired woman behind the desk. On the mat, we stretch our awakening bodies and let the tennis balls have their way with tight muscles and tucked away tendons. Ouch! Ah. It hurts so good. A few sun salutations to the east and the sky magically begins to brighten. We are #alive.

Exiting, I see construction workers silhouetted against the rising sun. The mountains glisten atop their white crowns. A puff of pink clouds punctuates the west and dark bare branches wave their silent greeting. Bamboo kisses the sky. A silver plane heads south toward Seatac.

I walk the boundaries of my neighborhood, a practice offered by Joanna Powell. My favorite barista makes my double decaf extra hot latte as we chat about beet salad and sound baths. I wave good-bye and sit for a moment outside, watching the sky continue to brighten and people rushing by.

Six overripe apples cling to bare branches. If they fall, there will be applesauce on the sidewalk. Across the street hangs their mirror image of shiny red ornaments left over from the holidays. Earth is art and art is earth.

More plants and trees nod their good morning. A stern man walks by with his matching stern dog. What a waste on this enchanted morning! An evergreen arch whispers secrets to me as I walk beneath her. Good morning to you, I say in response. May I touch your branches? Her silken caress fills my palm. How surprising! I think as I walk away. Curiosity calls me back. I want to check and see if I really felt softness from the prickly appearing arch. With no hello, I reach in like a hungry thief at a farmer’s market. Ouch! I feel what I see. So different from moments before. I pause and ask once more. May I touch your branches?

My hand reaches out tenderly. The branches soften and so do I. We are #alive.


Where and how do you feel #alive today?

I invite you to take a walk around your neighborhood. Visit it through the lens of your camera if that feels good. Share what you find! Tag #alive #enchantyoureveryday @KayceHughlett @vanessasagelife. Or leave a comment here!!! Cheers!!! 


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