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#27 Listen. Respond. Savor.

by guest author Carolyn Riker

I woke up before the house did. Even Copper, my cat was slightly miffed as he stretched from his safe blanketed cocoon. The window was calling me and there it was. I had to capture what my phone camera could not:

 kissed by the sun
 the sky blushed
 lyrical alabaster clouds
 a silk screen of
 opal tints
 skimmed the surface
 a soulful melody was all
 she could hear
 between the hues of
 auburn, pinks & linger shades of blues.

 ~ Carolyn Riker

Your task for today? Listen. Respond. Savor.

Carolyn Riker, MA is a private tutor, writer and a poet. She is a Certified Instructor for Journal to the Self. Carolyn finds comfort and balance with her family, nature, music and her sweet cat Copper.

For the last two years, Carolyn is a columnist at Rebelle Society and Elephant Journal and also regularly contributes poems to Women’s Spiritual Poetry Blog.

This past August, nine of her poems were published in Journey of the Heart: An Anthology of Spiritual Poetry by Women, by Catherine Ghosh. Last December one of her essays was selected and included in,Best of Rebelle Society, Vol. 1. Book published December 2013. Carolyn's main social media vice is Facebook,



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