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In Support of Brilliance

Today’s special post is in support of Gratitude, Generosity and Brilliance.

Life has a way of weaving its multi-faceted tapestry in the most unexpected and unique ways. People come across our paths, drifting in and out like threads wound across a vast loom. I can’t remember the first time I ran across one of the incomparable Patti Digh’s blog posts, but I remember being touched by her zest for life and the poignant question “what would I be doing today if I only had 37 days to live?”

Patti and I have crossed paths many times over the years, most often via cyberspace and twice in person—once, at her launch of Life is a Verb in Seattle and a year or two later in Portland when she joined Jennifer Louden and Susan Piver for DiLoPi, a writing workshop.  While at DiLoPi, Patti encouraged us to “pick up our ordinary.” What I’ve discovered over time is that there really is no such thing as ordinary. All has become extraordinary and “being alive is the special occasion.”* Also at DiLoPi, Patti passed around a basket of tenderly painted stones. I gasped with delight and a bit of trepidation when I picked up my quarter-sized nugget that invited me to “Dream Big.”

This special stone has lived next to my jewelry box for the past two years as a talisman beckoning me each new day. My personal mantra morphed into: Dream Big. Step Small. And through small daily actions—a word here, a pause there... my dream of being a published author manifested into the reality of As I Lay Pondering.

John and PattiIn the meantime, Patti and her family have continued to live life fully and inspire countless others along the way. This summer Patti’s beloved husband, John Ptak, aka Mr. Brilliant was diagnosed with kidney cancer and they began to experience all the stress such news entails. In true “brilliant” spirit, the Digh/Ptak family have forged on no less than brilliantly!

Pay it back... Pay it forward.

Today, the weaving of our story comes full circle as I offer abundant gratitude for Patti’s thread in my life. Between now and Friday, September 14, I will donate ALL collected proceeds of As I Lay Pondering to the Ptak Relief Fund.

If my work (or Patti’s) has touched you in some way over the years, please consider purchasing a copy (or ten) today. Christmas is just around the corner and “Pondering” will make a great gift for anyone on your list.

We seldom know when or how we may touch the life of another or, more importantly, when we, ourselves, might be in need of a healing touch or helping hand. Today I invite you to...

Be gracious. Be generous. Be brilliant!!


Order your copies by September 14 @ (Kindle version also available). 

Or contribute directly to the John Ptak Relief fund here.


*a favorite quote of Ms. Digh

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